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When it comes to your children's education, you want to feel confident that they are receiving the best fitting education possible.  Whether for life-long learning or social skill development, you demand quality and standards as high as your desire for your child's success.  


But the one-dimensional, grade-based learning system of some educational institutions can put your child in a system that isn't working. The current measuring stick leaves you feeling hopeless and disheartened when your child "just isn't the right fit."


At Harper Learning Academy, we understand your desire and passion for the best education for your children. Like you, we have often been disheartened and frustrated with the "measuring stick" of some academic environments.

After battling the mindset of the learning environments that defined students' value predominately by their GPA or assessment score, the leaders of Harper Learning Academy knew they could see better results. That is why they took a different approach and started Harper Learning Academy.

As a nationally-recognized micro-school located in Byram, MS, our goal is to help children discover how they learn and its connection to their purpose in society.



For over 26 years, our founder, Dr. Stephanie Harper, has had professional experiences in the field of education, including being a national board-certified teacher, instructional coach, Dean of Instruction, and the founder of Harper Educational Consulting, LLC. She has participated in many educational transformation projects focusing on improving struggling schools. She also facilitates many educational conferences sharing various instructional strategies with educators across the United States. 




Tekeeta Funchess is a 20-year veteran in the field of education. Her professional experience includes being an educational consultant, mathematics instructional coach, interventionist, and teacher. As a national educational consultant, she has facilitated on- and off-site support to educators by conducting job-embedded professional development that focuses on improving lesson planning and instructional delivery of research-based strategies in mathematics and data analysis.

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