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Our Mission

Teenage mixed race girl high school student distance e learning group online class at home

Harper Learning Academy equips students who have been disempowered by labels describing their learning challenges by educating them with strategies that empower, transform, and give them a sense of purpose in the global society.

Our Principles

Every student is born with talents, inclinations, and learning modalities that connect to their purpose in a global society.  Harper Learning Academy's mission is to help students discover their abilities and learning modalities to use them to fulfill their life's purpose.


We believe that students' academic growth is connected to their perspectives about themselves.  Therefore, Harper Learning Academy's mission is to cultivate a learning environment that builds students' self-confidence by implementing strategies that help students succeed academically and emotionally.


At our educational program we are committed to preparing students to transform their communities using their diverse abilities, gifts, and talents.

Our mission is to partner with parents and other community stakeholders to support our students' academic and

socio-emotional growth.

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